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Field Workers
14 May 2014
14 May 2014
I’m convinced that missions is simply doing what we should all be doing anyway—in another country.
Are You Qualified to be an Overseas Worker?
I’ve heard that the number one reason Christian workers leave the mission field is not lack of financial support or illness or burnout—it’s other missionaries.
Missionaries Drive Me Crazy

It's good to know your spiritual gifts. But if you stop at knowing your spiritual gifts, you have an incomplete picture of how God has equipped you to be a leader.

What Is Your Spiritual Gift?
We were exhausted and on the verge of burnout, so I booked a really cheap last-minute cruise online.
When Missionaries Take First-Class Cruises
As I entered particular Syrian refugee family’s home, I saw a huge pile of moldy bread filling a tiny room. The family gathered old bread from the trash heaps and resold it as animal feed. 
Disciple Making Movements and the Syrian Refugees
It was 6:00 am and I was wide-awake. All signs were pointing to this quickly becoming a challenging day.
Deny Yourself: A Lesson From the Book of Luke
Esteban grew up in a rough part of town. As a teenager, he went the way most kids from his neighborhood went—and it was not pretty.
Who Says You Can’t Do This?
We need a word that challenges new workers to go where there are no Starbucks, no IKEA’s, and no missionaries. That word is unengaged.
The Unengaged: The Final Frontiers
Unlike traditional teams which begin with individuals that want to go, a CBT typically begins with a church that wants to send.
Church-Based Team: Assembly Required
The first time I stood in front of twenty teenage boys in the Arab Gulf to teach an English class, I was terrified.
The First Day of Class
The auto-rickshaw driver said, "Tell me a story about Jesus."
A Moment's Notice

Khadija was a desperately poor woman. And desperation had earned her a steeled persistence. 

A Lesson on Persistence
Finding a modern-day Paul can result in more churches being planted in Muslim communities than if we were to just try and do it all ourselves.
Finding Ananias
Northern Iraqis have witnessed unspeakable human sorrow these past weeks. Thousands of survivors have nowhere to go.
Better Than Life Itself
The way of Jesus Christ is the way of love, not hate. And each of us has a role to play in God's plan to reach the lost.
Love Your Enemies

"The people who were far away from me were never far from the heart of God."

Far-off but near the heart of God

“Just bury it in the dirt,“ said a local woman when we asked what to do with a huge, broken piece of glass.

My Life Overseas: Just Bury It In The Dirt

I wonder if people in America know how much I miss the doorbell ringing twenty times a day, now that I’ve moved back from India.

My Life Overseas: It's Extremely Relational

If I close my eyes, I can still hear the familiar sound of our bird-tweeting doorbell and a call to our balcony, “Mrs. Jeannie, a package from America is there!”

My Life Overseas: Care Packages are Lifesavers

At the heart of leadership is influence and the power that enables the leader to influence others.

Danger—Power at Work

My host family completely baffled by my life: a single woman, living outside her father’s household, going to work every day.

The Foreigner

Why doesn’t God “beam us up” as soon as we believe? Maybe it's so that we can make a difference together here.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears

I did not go to the semi-nomadic Arabs of the Sahara because I loved them. So, why did I go, and what kept me there for almost six years?

Six Years in the Sahara
“I came here dying,” says Rashid, a patient at a clinic run by one of Frontiers ministry partners.
An Impossible Vision
Ryan and Bethany left the comforts of suburban America to serve on a Church-Based Team (CBT) in an impoverished, harsh Muslim land.
Leading From Behind
I never imagined walking past a restaurant and hearing someone say in all seriousness, “This place serves an excellent camel’s liver salad.”
Adventures in a Simple Life

As we celebrate Christmas with family, our workers on the field are living in places where they might be the only ones worshiping Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas from Frontiers
Just when things were looking their blackest, when people prayed that God would deliver them from evil, the king made an unforgettable speech.
Happy New Year from Frontiers

God had gone ahead and prepared Abdi for our arrival. “I had a dream last night, and you both were here!” 

Prepared by a Dream
26 Jan 2015
By Katie
26 Jan 2015
By Katie

They have had no access to the Gospel, but solar-powered technology is changing that.

Solar-powered Gospel
“God calls us to reach the lost,” Rashad declared passionately, “so that’s what I must do.”
The Hope In Hostility

God doesn’t call every one of His followers to physically transplant themselves in a different country to reach the lost. But He does call every one of us to be about the unreached. 

Called to Stay

What Emily does so effortlessly is the very thing that most of us try to learn from books and workshops. She shares Jesus with a natural, genuine love for the people He has placed around her. 

My Daughter, a Friend of Muslims

I hear their stories. A young refugee describes how his father was killed before his eyes. Outrage rises up in my heart. I want to do something.

Injustice in Sudan, a Call to Prayer

People of all ages were clamoring to tell us their stories. We had difficulty getting into the car when it came time leave. They followed us, pleading for us to help them.

Jesus, Refuge for Syrian Refugees

Refugees keep asking: What is the purpose of this evil? Is it merely for one evil nation to terrorize another? Who can bring an end to the death and destruction?

Their questions are opening doors for the Gospel.

Syria: 4 Years of Conflict

My current 'line of work' does not bring with it super-human status. As the saying goes, I am simply a humble beggar attempting to show other beggars where to find bread. 

He Makes Me Brave

God is moving in an unparalleled way among the Syrian people. In every single refugee home we visit, God is opening eyes and hearts.

Syrian Refugees: A Crisis of Faith

Nabil‘s one-year old son, who was born with a genetic condition, was brought forward. The man in white laid his hand on the boy and said, “Your son is healed.”

Healed By A Vision
01 Apr 2015
01 Apr 2015
“I endure everything for the sake of the elect” rings loudly in my ears. There are people in this country that God is drawing into His Kingdom. Nothing can stop Him from calling them to salvation.
 Unwavering Faith

Across from us, a local family sat weeping. They huddled around the father, a frail man who was clearly near death. The hospital had just released him, saying there was nothing more they could do.

An Unintended Witness

Communicating the significance of the resurrection to Muslim friends using lessons from their own culture.

Christ had breathed his last. He had been buried. His enemies had won. Checkmate.
Happy Easter from Frontiers

Hamid’s eyes brightened. “God is the greatest! Allahu Akbar!” he exclaimed. “It is Jesus whom God raised from the dead!” 

God is the Greatest
A family on the field reports: "We are on high alert and have been doing everything we can to mitigate unnecessary risk. But we are not afraid."
Fearless Hope in the Face of Death
“She glows when we talk about Jesus,” said Jennie. “She is the glowing star that is going to lead her whole family to Jesus!”
Nejma, the Glowing Star
“No, I don’t know who Jesus is,” he replied. This sort of response used to grieve me. Now, I see it as an opportunity.
Stories Left Untold
“Where is the Kingdom of God? Oh, I think it is just north of here a bit,” said the man we had just met in a local restaurant.
Finding the Kingdom in Strategic Cities
What followed wasn’t a guided prayer. It was simple and sincere: "God, I accept your gift. I won't try to clean myself anymore. Thank you for making the sacrifice through Jesus."
Towards Orthodoxy
My mind is preoccupied by that thin covering of skin between jugular and rupture, between life and death. I am completely at God’s mercy. And yet I must trust this man.
Life on the Knife's Edge
Language learning where there is no classroom. “A hot cup of home-brewed chai with neighbors helps our fluency.”
Word By Word: The Horse and the Spider
Language learning where there is no classroom: “I started talking about God with one lady. She didn’t understand my pronunciation and politely agreed that my cake was delicious.”
Word By Word: Ladies-Only Chai
Language learning where there is no classroom: “Our language helper’s face lit up with joy and pride. She had never seen us actually interacting with people."
Word By Word: I Am Very Happy!
We say we love living here, but we say that from a faith-driven perseverance, not out of personal preference. It is spoken more out of insistence than inclination.
Confessions of a Xerophiliac
This has been a wonderful season of spring for me—of restoration, learning, and growth. But you may be thinking, “I watch the news and I know you live in the Muslim world and I don’t see a lot of sparkly happy things happening there.”
Awaiting Spring in the Muslim World
God is drawing Muslims to Jesus in the Gulf—a region with some of the hardest spiritual soil in the world.
Baptized in the Arab Gulf
Illness is extremely hard to contain in the slum, with its poor sanitation and where families of up to eight people live in homes smaller than most of our bedrooms. Read how one Frontiers team is trying to help.
The Tombs of Transformation
A Frontiers church-based team is using a comprehensive strategy to reach a nation.
Disciple Making Movements: The Point of No Return

“This is a lost child of God,” I explained to my children as we welcomed the disheveled woman into our home. “We need to help her find her Daddy.”

Three Golden Rings
The numbers of refugees are increasing throughout the Muslim world. Many Frontiers family have also joined the ranks of those fleeing conflict in the countries God has called them to. Join us for a 3-part series featuring one family’s reflections on life among their refugee friends a foreign land.

"It was a popular holiday, and thousands of refugees were taking advantage of their relative safety to celebrate in ways they hadn't been able to back home."
Living Among Refugees: Leaving the Homeland
Many Frontiers families have joined the ranks of those fleeing conflict in their host countries. Join us for a 3-part series featuring one family’s reflections on life among their refugee friends a foreign land. 

"If there is no noise of fighting at night, we don't sleep well anymore."
Living Among Refugees: The Diaspora
Many Frontiers families have joined the ranks of those fleeing conflict in their host countries. Join us for a 3-part series featuring one family’s reflections on life among their refugee friends a foreign land.

“He was shot in the head. His optical nerves are decimated, but he is thankful for life and he lets us pray for him in Jesus' name. We pray he will take home more than a reconstructed face.”
Living Among Refugees: Opportunities for the Gospel
In one of the Muslim world’s hardest regions, Husain encounters the peace of the Gospel. “This peace inside me, it’s like morphine! What if I could just get 5 people to be as happy as I am right now?”
Peace Like a Drug
A Muslim family studies God’s word with the question, “How do we obey Jesus’ teachings?”
Seeking the Path of Obedience

In South Asia, we find incredible reason for hope!

South Asia
My host family has been a huge part of feeling at home in this foreign land. As long as I am in India, I hope I am always there.
Infectious Hospitality
Six of his children had died, he said. How do we make sense of such loss? He is not alone in his grief—there are other families just like his.
Inconceivable Losses
Remember who you are. Because wielding anything other than the tools God has given you—is not you.
Take Up Your Sling
Sadiq was raised in a culture where people do not question what they have been taught. A request like his, then, is no small thing.
Dancing on the Edge
A guest blogger shares how God counseled him and his family from the couch of a pastor's office to the mission field.

Neil shares the path that God has invited his family to take: a return to a much-loved people in the deserts of the Middle East.
From Couch to Field: Vision Becomes Reality

We make friends with anonymous beggars and faceless women, because God wired us to engage with the people around us.

The Miraculous Power of Recall

Businesses support the local economies in countries where Frontiers workers live. They also provide opportunities to shine the Gospel in places where there still is no witness for Christ.


Matthew's business allows for quick connection with vast numbers of people who need to hear about Jesus. The result: doors wide open to engage Muslims with the Gospel.

Business as Mission: Finding Faith through Feed

Businesses support the local economies in countries where Frontiers workers live. They also provide opportunities to shine the Gospel in places where there still is no witness for Christ.


“It’s easy to talk about Christ with people because I am already involved in their lives. This business has opened many doors for me.”

Business as Mission: To the Unengaged
Sidi seemed just as far from the Kingdom as the day Eric met him. Eric was ready to give up. But God was not.
Too Soon to Quit
The Iraqis present a united front to outsiders. But internally, it’s a completely different story.
To the Ends of The Earth
A worker in Central Asia struggles to reconcile what she sees in her day-to-day life with the extravagant hope she holds for the region.
The Changing Perspective of Field Life
Fourteen years ago, news of the 9/11 attacks induced tears in many nations—in others, shouts of triumph. Samir’s memories of that day include something else: that was the day he turned away from Islam and began his journey toward Jesus.
Transformed Through Terrorism

In the midst of such total loss experienced by Syrian refugees, God’s hope shines brightest. And it is the bold compassion of workers, like Valerie, that most shines His hope.

Friends, Not Just Refugees
Most women in this country have limited freedom to come and go. They are hard to find out in public during the day. But during the Golden Hour, they are easy to find.
The Golden Hour
All I know is a couple of words in Arabic,” I argued with God as I walked around the inside of the centuries-old mosque.
Sow What You Know: The Soil of Unengaged Cities
Muhammad pointed to me, pointed to himself, and said in English, “You, my sister.” His eyes twinkled.
Sow What You Know: The Good Soil
The task feels so big—ten million Muslims and only a handful of workers reaching them. It won’t be enough to try to lead one person at a time toward the Kingdom. This requires a supernatural work of God.
When I am Weak
“This is what you must do to light up the darkness of your grave,” the schooled woman said. But Vivian could see that these words brought no comfort to the other women.
The Darkness of the Grave
Tariq is a typical Syrian Muslim who has refused to leave his war-torn country. Then, he was kidnapped by ISIS.
Saved by Ransom
The blind beggar had accepted his lot in life. Then a Frontiers team began praying for his healing.
A Man Named Light
The line stretching outside the government office is full of Afghans trying to leave their country. And these are just the ones trying to do it legally.
Building on Shaky Ground
Our friends in Syria were extremely kind and hospitable. But when we talked about Jesus, conversations often stalled. Then, four years ago, the crisis began.
From the Other Side: Living among Syrian Refugees
We are amazed at how readily Syrians are finding Jesus and entering the Kingdom of God.
From the Other Side: The Doors of Opportunity
Daoud was a prominent Islamic leader and new believer of Jesus who barely escaped being killed by his villagers.
The Fullest Life
Fighting and war between Muslims is not a new phenomenon. It springs from a condition of the human, going as far back as Cain and Abel.
The Blame Game
For the first time in her life, Adeena was discovering for herself that God wanted relationship with her.
From Slave to Friend: A Worthy of Following Story
With Syrian refugees now exceeding 4 million, more skilled workers are needed to equip refugees for a productive future and a hope. But skills are not the most important thing.
Hope for a Future

Former U.S. Director and now President, Bob Blincoe shares a special message on why Frontiers' mission is more important now than ever.

An American teacher describes how she spent her three-week vacation teaching Muslim students in the Middle East. “My students, proud Bedouins with cocked turbans, would grin like the sun came out when I walked down the hall.”
When Your Heart Can't Get Any Bigger
It may have been one of the worst weeks of my life, that week in a desert oasis village. Little did I know how God would use the faith of one little village girl to open my heart.
Oasis of Thanksgiving: A Story from Worthy of Following
The needs among Syrian refugees are great, but together with the worldwide Church, Frontiers teams are standing in the gap and loving the least of these.
Loving the Least of These: An Update on Syrian Refugees
18 Nov 2015
18 Nov 2015
Each day, you are probably exposed to more stories of terrorism and violence. Meanwhile, we hear our Muslim friends describe daily hunger, hopelessness, and a deep desire for their children to have a better life than they have had.
Paris: How Might We Respond?
When we think of the sheer millions in this region and the variety of languages and dialects they speak, we know this strategy can’t be about us.
God's Word: The Best Tool for Making Disciples Among Muslims
Gulzhan continued to sing praises to her Savior even as her husband Elemes beat her. 
A Traitorous Decision
“Take these candles… and this white one—give it to Sara.” A story of how God revives a field worker’s hope through a dream He gives to her Muslim neighbor.
Lighting the Candle of Hope
“Sometimes we wonder if it’s worth it,” Roger said as he fought off tears. Read stories of discipleship and perseverance from Frontiers workers scattered across the Muslim world.
Cost of Discipleship: A Story from Worthy of Following
Celebrate everything and celebrate often. “Even in the darkest places on earth, we witness God’s people celebrating victories and living in postures of encouragement.”
The Art of Celebration
God is using Samira, an average African villager, to transform her community through the Word of God.
Samira: A Story from Worthy of Following
28 Dec 2015
By Lisa
28 Dec 2015
By Lisa
Islam may have been born in the sands of Arabia. But here we are, living among Muslims in the foothills of some of the highest mountains in the world, and there’s a lot more snow around than sand.
Snow Play
From a Muslim country that was once considered one of the hardest places for the Gospel, a Frontiers field worker reports, “For many years, we never saw a single person come to faith in Jesus. This year, we are astonished as we look at the numbers!”
A Stellar Year: A 2015 Field Report
We laughed at each other’s lettuce-filled faces that New Year’s Eve. But we all knew what was camped just outside the door.
Lettuce Welcome the New Year
“We approach Muslims where they are at—and many of them are online.” Discover how a Frontiers team is reaching half a million Muslims through social media.
Reaching Muslims through Social Media
I hadn’t met many Muslim men before. I pictured their bearded, unsmiling faces—slightly threatening. Then I went on a short-term trip and met fathers, brothers, and grandfathers.
Challenging My Misperceptions
Living through constant cultural transition and uncontrollable circumstances has felt like an avalanche—violent, forceful, and out of control. What stable thing can I cling to?
How to Survive an Avalanche
“We weren’t able to convince Ahmed, a non-swimmer, to abandon plans to embark on a dubious boat ride to Europe,” write James and Gracie, long-term Frontiers workers in "Little Syria", a launching point for refugees trying to reach a better life in Europe.
Treading Water in Little Syria
James and Gracie, long-term Frontiers workers, relocate to Little Syria, a launching point for refugees trying to reach a better life in Europe and beyond. “Syrians are hungry for the King of Peace like never before.”
Serving Refugees in Little Syria
As a minority group, Amir’s people lacked access to God’s Word in their heart language. That is, until a new mobile app was developed just for them.
Discovering Life through Mobile Apps
08 Feb 2016
08 Feb 2016
It can be hard to love your enemies when you feel threatened. But this is part of what makes our faith in Christ Jesus unique in the world.
Prayer in a Hostile World
Anwar calls himself an agnostic. But he is fully engaged in our Bible studies, and he is bringing his family along with him as he moves towards Jesus Christ.
Compelled by Kindness
A field worker masters the art of suspense in story telling: “Who is it?” Halima asked. “Who will come and destroy Satan?”
Prayer for the Arab Gulf: Waiting in Suspense for Jesus
The normally garbled message from the loudspeaker sounded as clear as a bell on this cloudy night. "Imagine that!” the imam bellowed, “An animal that is able to carry as many as three people couldn't hold the weight of the Qur'an!"
Prayer for the Caucasus Region: A Burden Not Meant To Bear
Sabir had gone out job searching. Little did he know that what he’d find instead was violent retribution from the religious police.
Prayer for South Asia: Beaten at the Hour of Prayer
Pray with your worker—on site with insight—by taking a virtual prayer walk through their neighborhood. You may very well be the first person to remotely visit these places that are so desperate for blessing from God.
Support a Worker: Taking a Virtual Prayer Walk
Sayf was excited to start first grade. But then the fighting started and Sayf’s new books sat untouched, until his family left it all behind and fled the war.
Educating a Lost Generation: A Syrian Refugee Update
It was a paradigm shift that would change the rest of my life: “I will make you as a light for the nations, that my salvation may reach to the end of the earth” (Isaiah 49).
The Biblical Priority of the Unengaged
I’ll never forget the night that burst my flat, stereotyped images of Muslim women—from shapeless, veiled figures to colorful, gregarious party animals.
Beauty Behind the Veil
It’s been five years since the Syrian conflict started. For Sami—now an orphaned foreigner who sold everything to save his sister’s life—the past five years have changed everything.
Syrian Refugee Update: She Smiled So Much
“Don’t go, my friend,” I pleaded to Abdul Rahman, a Muslim background follower of Christ. “I’ve got a job for you.” Little did I know how my spontaneous job offer would advance the Gospel in the region.
A Reason to Stay
If God forgives only some of our sins—as Muslims believe—then we have good reason to be afraid.
Between Hope and Fear
When Jamshir and Nadia heard the story of Good Friday for the very first time in their mother tongue, they exclaimed, “This is familiar… we understand this!”
A Familiar Good Friday
Islamic extremism left Layla empty. So did new age mysticism. But then Layla met a Frontiers worker who loved Jesus.
Layla’s First Easter: Reaching Muslims through Language Learning

A field worker who ministers to Syrian refugees reflects on valuing Christ above safety. “Expect trouble in the world, Jesus tells us. In Me you have peace.”

In Christ Comes Safety
Join us for a 3-part series on Tarek’s journey of faith. “Kevin’s casual comment hooked Tarek. We didn’t know it at the time, but that was the day Tarek’s pursuit of Jesus shifted into high gear.”
A Journey of Faith: Taxi Rides with Tarek
Join us for the second installment of a 3-part series on Tarek’s journey of faith. “There’s a verse in the Qur’an,” Tarek said. “It says that a man who chooses not to follow Jesus is actually condemned!”
A Journey of Faith:
From part 3 of Tarek’s journey of faith: In the Qur’an, Jesus is described as the One who has power to forgive sins. If only God could forgive sin, then Tarek's decision about Jesus was simply a logical one.
A Journey of Faith: An Audience to God’s Story
We came to the field as a couple with no children. Then our family grew. We had no idea that each visit with locals would be so stress inducing.
3 Things We’ve Learned While Parenting on the Field
In the physical discomforts of hot and humid India, the fires of anger erupted easily in our home and kindness disappeared. We were simply trying to survive.
There’s No Yelling in Heaven
Could Aliyah stay with her husband after he had turned his back on a thousand years of faith and tradition? Her tongue held the power to send him out of her life. Or even into prison.
Betrayal or the True Path
A field worker shares her cultural discovery of the sacred quality bread possesses in the Muslim world.
Sacred Bread
Rakhmet was a homeless drug addict before he found Christ. Today, he is bringing Kingdom transformation to a Muslim village through business, rehabilitation programs, and the Gospel.
Rakhmet's Story: From Rehab to Redemption
While traveling through an unengaged city in South Asia, a chance encounter with Malik, a young Muslim, leads a Frontiers team into an experience they'll never forget.
Seek the Treasure: A Send Forth Field Story
Having faced the loss of homes, family members, and educational opportunities, Syrian refugee girls carry deep grief with no place to receive healing. Until one Frontiers team decided to do something about it.
A Place of Healing for Syrian Girls
God is doing incredible things in the Muslim world. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this work?
Fear of Missing Out
Faisal was charismatic. But he was also without peace and without hope. Until a Frontiers team introduced him to an epic joy.
Joy of Epic Proportions

Despite great challenges and resistance, the Millers are seeing the Spirit move in unexpected ways in a dauntingly remote corner of the Muslim world.

For the Sake of the Kingdom: A Send Forth Field Story
“Do you think God sees me?” Emel asked. Read how a Frontiers field worker points Emel, a Muslim woman, to the eternal hope of a compassionate God.
The God Who Sees Me
13 Jul 2016
13 Jul 2016
A Frontiers couple shares about their process of getting to the field. “Our slowly unfolding story has finally blossomed into a wondrous opportunity that almost seems too good to be true.”
Our Slowly Unfolding Story
24 Jun 2016
24 Jun 2016
"Why do I, a Christian and Millennial, concern myself with Ramadan?" A great article from our partners and friends at Cafe 1040.
Ramadan among Millennials
Asma, a Syrian refugee, suffered from troubling fainting spells. But in the pages of the New Testament, Asma discovered that there is hope for people just like her.
On Page 52
Youssef took me aside. “I really need prayer,” he said. What he told me next was something I had never heard him say before in all our years of friendship.
Awakened by the Spirit
When faced with serious illness, many Muslims seek healing from a holy man who offers to speak words from the Qur’an over them. But Fouad knew there was One who had real power to heal.
Greater than a Holy Man
I would never have guessed how hungry for the truth of God my neighbor was if it weren’t for my seven-year-old daughter’s boldness.
Faith Like a Child
Throughout the Middle East, Frontiers teams are reaching displaced Iraqis and Syrians with the love of Jesus Christ. Here’s one team’s story.
Refugee Update: Hope Comes in Small Packages
God is providing Frontiers teams with unique and strategic ways to serve Muslims who have been displaced by war. Discover one team’s three-pronged strategy to foster hope among these displaced families.
3 Ways We Foster Hope
When Tamila, a young Muslim woman in Northeast Africa, started hearing the Gospel, she knew she had found what she had been missing. But not everyone in the village was ready to welcome the Good News.
A Forbidden Welcome
Farzan had come to India desperate to get medical help for his son. Every day he went to pray for healing at the shrine of a Muslim saint. But then God led a Frontiers field worker to them.
The Afghan Pilgrim
When Frontiers worker Cassie shares the Word with three widowed refugees, the women discover that God sees them in their suffering and can even miraculously provide for their needs.
The 3 Syrian Widows
A continuation of our previous post, The 3 Syrian Widows: When Frontiers worker Cassie shares the Word with the widows, the three women discover that God sees and provides—even miraculously—for their needs.
Pleading the Widow’s Cause
Khadijah had lived her whole life in a conservative Islamic country and was sick of the double standards. “You hypocrites!” she cried at her friends.
A Dance for the Hajj
The woman reclining on a beach chair could have been any woman, anywhere. Except that she was completely covered in loose, flowing cloth. Only her eyes were visible through a slit in the fabric covering her face.
Meeting a Muslim Beach Mom
Diana wanted to obey when God told her to water the ground with worship. But then she found herself on the wrong side of the tracks at the wrong time.
Worshiping on the Wrong Side
Following news of yet another devastating bomb, a Frontiers worker gathers with her Muslim friends to find comfort in the words of Scripture.
The Work of Reconciliation
Irena wouldn't have normally got into a taxi alone with a Muslim man. Little did she know what awaited her in this God-ordained encounter.
A God-sent Peace
With the Mosul offensive underway, aid organizations are planning for a massive humanitarian crisis. A Frontiers team is prepared with their own response plan. Discover how you can join.
Pray for Mosul
Majid sat in the mosque praying quietly to Jesus. He knew this was highly unorthodox in his religion. But what happened next was something he could hardly believe.
The Biggest Little Miracle
As Jessica and her team stepped out onto the street, they were shocked by what they saw. Word had already got out, and dozens of people were waiting for them.
When Word Gets Out
Fayiza is growing to love Jesus, but she knows what would happen if she truly became His follower—and she’s afraid. Is Jesus worth it?
Is Jesus Worth It?
Hatim faced constant social pressure to return to Islam. Then came the death threats, so he went into hiding—until he discovered the truth about persecution.
Hope in Persecution
Rahima is a hospitable, gracious woman. But when Frontiers workers Jessica and Sarah find Rahima blinded by anger and beating her young son, they discover a mother wounded in both body and soul.
Finding Peace Through Grace
In a refugee camp near the Syrian border, Joshua’s team is discovering that many Syrian Muslim families are hungrier than ever to study the Word.
Syrian Refugee Update: Bible Studies and Baptisms
“Why wouldn’t Jesus be for us Muslims, too?” Manal suddenly asked in the middle of our language class. “I need to know His full story! I won’t have peace until I read it all!”
Jesus is for Muslims
The Lord is bringing in a great harvest through the faithfulness of Ibrahim, a Muslim-background believer being discipled by a Frontiers field worker.
A Harvest Amidst Persecution
Where I grew up, there were no elaborate Thanksgiving feasts of golden-hued turkeys, buttery casseroles, and pumpkin-spiced desserts to dress up any tables.
The Gratitude of Beauty
Thanksgivings in North Africa were unlike any I ever celebrated in America. We made everything from scratch. The Brits brought the mashed potatoes, and the Norwegians an apple tart…
African Pumpkins and Imported Cranberry Sauce
Ellen committed to pray for a Frontiers family that was just heading out to the field. Little did she know how God would use her to open doors for the Gospel in their Muslim community.
When God Calls You to Pray
“I couldn’t believe my ears. Never before had I heard a Muslim woman talk this way.” A field worker shares how one Muslim is learning to treasure Jesus Christ.
The Muslim Who Loved Christmas
24 Dec 2016
24 Dec 2016
The town of Bethlehem—where God revealed His salvation at long last—might be similar to the places where some of our field workers are living to reach Muslims with the Gospel.
We Eagerly Wait
What do you do when your baby is dying and the local hospital can’t perform the needed surgery, your car won’t start, and you are over 500 miles from a doctor who could save your daughter’s life?
Preparing Our Child for Burial
Under flickering fluorescent lights, the long-bearded Syrian men discovered the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ—a sacrifice far superior to any they had ever performed as faithful Muslims.
Tea and Cigarettes
After a year of transition, I feel a bit like my furniture piled up at the bus station in a new city: dusty, a little scratched, and out of place.
New Every Morning
“Perhaps a movement to Christ is already beginning,” Nabil thought as he waited on the beach.
Baptized in the Sea
God takes a field worker’s heart-wrenching pain of leaving her father lying in a nursing home and gives her a family bigger than she could ever dream of.
Leaving Family for the Caucasus
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is so good, and our team is determined to share it in a way that sticks in the hearts of our Muslim friends.
A Sticky Gospel
I despaired that no locals in my host community were making space for me in their lives. “But they didn’t invite you here,” a veteran field worker said to me.
There’s a Place for You Here
“You are my sister’s husband!” a local Muslim man exclaimed. A field worker discovers how doors that were once closed are now wide open to him and his new wife.
Married to the Carpenter’s Sister
In front of the biggest mosque on the busiest street in a city of millions, God leads a Frontiers worker to a Muslim man who needs an interpretation to a childhood dream.
The Narrow Escape
Coffee visits and meals with Muslim women are full of opportunities to point them to Jesus Christ. We laugh, talk, hold children, and even grieve with our friends.
Diets and White Hearts
20 Feb 2017
20 Feb 2017
“The tree stood leafless. I had given up watering that dead plant. But little did I know there was still life buried deep inside, waiting for the right time.”
The Leafless Tree
Sohail had always believed that Islam was the one true religion. Little did he know that while in prison on unjust charges, he would discover something far purer.
Sohail's Journey of Faith, Part 1
Michael was ready to give up in his ministry. Instead, he committed to a week of prayer. He had no idea how wonderfully God would answer through a surprising phone call from a stranger.
Sohail's Journey of Faith, Part 2
The bean disease is all about learning to be an effective communicator of the Gospel in an indirect culture.
The Bean Disease
Just 100 miles from their city in South Asia, Frontiers workers Brian and Trisha Richardson knew of an entire region that still had no Gospel witness.
The First Person You Meet
Muslims come to the holy shrine to pray to the dead saint and to seek a mediator between God and man. But they are missing one important truth.
The Message and the Mediator
Happy Easter from Frontiers! Today we rejoice with newly baptized believers who have responded to the Good News and said yes to following Christ.
No Longer Afraid: An Easter Message
Ranya’s worst persecution came from her husband Ahmet. But Jesus Christ was transforming her, and Ahmet couldn't ignore it.
Could God Save Me, Too?
I enjoy my life on the field. But sometimes it’s hard and I feel so hesitant to obey God’s call.
When You Feel Hesitant
Thomas often prayed in Jesus’ name for his Muslim friends, but he had no idea just how much his prayers it meant to them.
The Praying that Helps
“There are so many people interested in the Gospel! We’ve been spending ten hours a day meeting with people!”
Believing and Baptized
“Lord, if you want me to serve on the field,” Jeremiah prayed, “would You give me clear direction? Otherwise, I’ll start pursuing my career.”
Jeremiah's Story
“We were the last ones in our church you’d ever expect to be called overseas,” Rachel says.
John and Rachel's Story
“I really thought Nathan would forget about missions,” Alison says. “I thought we’d get married, just stay in America, and find a church to serve in.”
Alison's Story
During the month of Ramadan, my Muslim friends pray even more than the required five times a day.
The Grip of Religion
What started as a game of badminton is turning into a great journey through the Gospels for Hamid.
Discovering Jesus in the Gospels
It’s near the end of Ramadan. Discover what most Muslim women are talking about.
Ramadan for Muslim Women
A single field worker discovers what it’s like to be dependent on her Muslim community.
No Place for My Independence
In some places in the world, hospitality is a matter of life or death.
The Desert Honor Code
Frontiers teams are helping address the needs of millions of Syrian refugees in the Middle East.
How We Serve Refugees in the Middle East
Jamila is discovering that what she’s always been taught about Jesus is wrong.
I Believe Jesus Died
A field couple shares how great things are done by teams.
Why We Work as a Team
In just one region, over 80 national believers have been trained to make disciples of Jesus among Muslims.
Disciples Making Disciples
Could God use a shy, insecure villager to reach her whole family with the Gospel?
Reaching Beyond One
The Kingdom is growing as a Frontiers team brings the Good News to a slum community.
Bringing Good News to the Poor
When the foundation of Yunas’ life started crumbling, he knew exactly where to turn.
Building a Foundation When All You Have is Sand
A field worker shares what happens when children of field workers learn local languages, too.
When Our Kids Learn Local Languages
Usman’s life had been transformed, and others needed to know about it.
Tell Me What You Know
How our refusal to lead a Bible study is expanding the Kingdom among Muslims.
Why We Stopped Leading
Hana hardly spoke. But when we gave her a chance, her insights into God’s Word were beautiful.
Quiet Hana
How a college graduate discovers a call to reach urban poor Muslims.
Grit, Grace, and the Urban Poor
Only God can take a girls' chat fest in a hair salon to dinner with an important sheikh.
Knitting with the Sheikh
25 Oct 2017
25 Oct 2017
“A package arrived for you. It was sent three years ago.” Discover 5 tips for sending care packages.
When Girl Scout Cookies Expire
Kyran, a Muslim-background believer, wants to stay where God has put him—in spite of persecution.
Staying in Persecution
Samir, a crippled Muslim man, knows that God cares deeply for creation.
Are You Not of More Value?
Most Muslims have never seen a Bible. So imagine Salum’s surprise when he receives his very own copy.
Salum's Bible
Sharifa didn’t understand how anyone could live without fear—until she saw two Frontiers workers endure suffering with hope.
There's Something Different
“How did I ever get to such a place as this?” wonders a field worker in the middle of the African desert.
In the Eye of the Storm
When tragedy strikes in the Muslim world, Frontier teams are often ready to meet needs and point people to Jesus.
Overseas Crises and How You Can Help
Syrian refugee women are discovering health and the hope of the Gospel through a Frontiers team’s fitness program.
Working Out with Refugees
We were certain Fatima would survive cancer. God was using her powerfully. Surely, He would heal her.
An Unexpected Miracle
It’s winter with no Christmas in the Muslim world—but Christ came for Muslims, too.
The Christmas Treasure
Discover what happens when a Frontiers couple welcomes 8 Muslim-background believers into their home for a month.
One Month for Courage
Jesus, born into an inhospitable land, is no stranger to hostility.
Sent into Unwelcoming Places
We didn’t expect much from the poor illiterate villager. But God is using him for His Kingdom.
Sharing with One Hundred Fifty
The fields are eye-blindingly white unto the harvest, but the workers are few.
Vision Comes to Life
Ever since discovering God’s Word, Shafiq can’t stop sharing about Jesus.
Streetside Bible Studies
After her husband died, Reema found comfort in an unexpected source.
The Wonderful Word
Yunas’ business doesn’t just bring in income. It’s also bringing spiritual hope to Muslim communities.
Business and the Hope of the Gospel
17 Jan 2018
17 Jan 2018
Denied visas are one of the top reasons Frontiers workers leave the field. Join us in praying for workers’ visas in 2018.
Denied Entry