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Seeking the Path of Obedience

We have been praying for a man like Jalil for years.


Recently Jalil and I were talking about what it means to live a holy and righteous life. Jalil was captivated.


“Would you and your family like to see what the Bible has to say about living a holy life?” I asked him.


“How could I not want that?” he responded.


Our families gathered a few days later to study God’s word. We gave Jalil the Gospel of Luke in his own language. Jalil handed it to his wife, the most literate member of the family. She began reading the passage on Jesus’ command to love your enemies.


“How can we obey this passage?” Jalil directed this question to each person in the family. Everyone was engaged with Jesus’ teaching.



“We’ve been reading Jesus’ teachings and have been putting it into practice. We want to follow this path of holiness!”



Two days later I met with Jalil and asked him what he thought of the study.


“That was amazing!” he said. “Since then, we’ve been reading more of Jesus’ teachings and have been putting it into practice. We want to follow this path of holiness!”


Jalil asked me if I remembered his mother-in-law who was at his house for the study. “She’s married to a sheikh, a religious leader, who lives in the region to the north. After you left, she said that she knew you had come here to show us the holy path. She is praying for more people like you to come and bring this way of righteousness to our people!”


Two weeks later we met for a second Bible study.


At the end of the study, Jalil asked one of his cousins, “How will you obey Jesus’ teaching?”


“We’re going back to our city in a few days,” she responded. “I want to bring the Bible and the message of Jesus back to our people there!”


My team and I have prayed for the Word to multiply in the hearts of Muslims starting from their very first encounter with the Gospel.


Now we are seeing it happen! Jalil and his family are already sharing their newly discovered truths about Jesus with others in their tribe.

May the seeds of the Gospel take root and bear one hundredfold!

This article originally appeared in Frontiers' Spring 2015 Co-Mission Newsletter.

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