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Riots Spark a Movement

The feud had been simmering for years. No one knows what caused it to erupt in violence, but suddenly the neighborhood fell into chaos. Hundreds of people on both sides started attacking each other with rocks, sticks, and guns. Police attempted to bring order with a lockdown and curfew that lasted for weeks.


The whole neighborhood was confined to their homes, even those not involved in the fighting. No one could get in and no one was let out.


But Ahmed, a new follower of Jesus who was being discipled by a Frontiers worker, could not be held back. His desire to share his faith in Jesus drove him out into the neighborhood. He wound his way through the streets, dodging rioters and police. Soon he found himself at the back entrance of a huge open-air compound. There he discovered several families, literally hundreds of people living together and sharing its kitchens and bathrooms.


Ahmed introduced himself to a small group of men. Soon he was conversing with nearly thirty men. “I have good news that you have no idea about,” he announced. He began to tell them the Gospel story. As he concluded, several men asked to hear more. Ahmed promised to return again.


His desire to share his faith in Jesus drove him out into the neighborhood. He wound his way through the streets, dodging rioters and police.


A few days later he ventured back into the streets, avoiding the pockets of violence, and returned to the compound. Men crowded around as he told them his testimony and showed them a portion of the Jesus film on his phone. They were captivated.


Ahmed invited them to study the Bible with him. Over a dozen men agreed to meet the next day to learn about Jesus together.


As the rioting and curfew carried on, Ahmed continued his expeditions to the compound to study with the men and their families. It wasn’t long before two families decided to follow Jesus. Shortly after, they relocated to a nearby village to escape the ongoing violence in the neighborhood.


Ahmed saw this as an opportunity to put into practice a key principle for Kingdom growth: mentoring younger believers to teach new followers of Jesus (2 Timothy 2:2).


He contacted Salek, the owner of a chai shop in the village where the family had just moved. Salek, a young follower of Jesus whom Ahmed had been discipling, was well known and respected in the village and the surrounding region.


As Salek discipled the two families, they learned to share how, in the midst of the trauma of neighborhood violence, God met them through Jesus. Today they testify to how Jesus blesses them as they obey his commands.


As a result of their witness, over fifty families in the village are responding with interest in the Gospel. They are studying the Word together and learning to joyfully obey it.


Praise God for obedient servants like Ahmed who shrewdly consider the risks in order to share the Gospel. Pray for more men and women who will disciple whole families to love and obey Jesus.

**This account comes from a Long-Term worker. Names and places have been changed for security.**